Senior Pastor’s 2017 Report  

It is a great honour and privilege to serve God in this church family in this season of my life. First and foremost, I want to thank God, our heavenly Father for his good and perfect will that had allowed me to serve here at Slade Point Christian Life Centre. Secondly, I want to thank my lovely wife, Makareta. A lot has happened in the church in the last 12 months as you will find out later in this report and I couldn’t have done it without her whole-hearted support and encouragement.

I am also very blessed to have a faithful administration team – our board members, Flo Ebert (Treasurer) and Ben Kofe (Secretary) I want to acknowledge them for their faithfulness and servanthood heart to voluntarily serve God in this ministry – Thank you and may God bless you and your families.

2017 has been a great year, as a church family we had plans and aspirations for this year that we committed to God this time last year and He has come through for us even exceeding our expectations. Here is a brief summary of the highlights of 2017 to refresh your minds of how God has come through at SPCLC – The Life Giving Church.

A Year of Changes and Growth

  1. Fasting & Praying: One of the major changes introduced this year was the week-long fasting and praying at the beginning of every month. The program has help our church family grow in their faith and developed a personal relationship with our God which is the core of a Christian belief. This was evident by the many answered prayers and testimonies that were shared every Sunday morning by our members. The praying together every day of this week was a great success as we go into each of our members homes and pray that family.
  2. Praise & Worship: I want to give glory to the Lord God for the tremendous development that we can all witness in our Praise & Worship team. At the beginning of the year we decided to let our young people join the Praise & Worship team, and in terms of their confidence and performance they have come leaps and bounds in a short period of time, praise the Lord. Early in the year the board approved funds to improve our sound system and to equip our Praise & Worship team with proper equipment for His service. We bought a new 16 track mixer, 3 house speakers and couple of microphones and mike stands.
  3. Sunday School: We have also started our Sunday School with a couple of volunteer teachers. A big Vinaka Vaka Levu (thank you) to Maree Woodhouse, Lagi Kofe and Judy Mundine for putting their hands up for this ministry, it is a blessing to see the children turn up each Sunday and participate in the Sunday School programs. God has certainly answered our prayers on this front as well, as our building extension has been approved by ACC property board and our local Council. A builder has been engaged to carry out the building work and if all goes to plan the construction is due to start before Christmas. We look forward to using this new space to accommodate our Sunday School and other church family activities in 2018.
  4. Women’s Ministry: Our women headed by Makareta has formed up a women’s ministry to encourage women’s fellowship and to assist in housekeeping duties at church. I want to thank all the women for their tremendous contribution to the church in organising the cleaning roster and maintaining the family-oriented environment. One of the more memorable moment of this year was our Father’s Day celebration, whereby all fathers were presented with a plaque containing scriptures and made from cuttings off the tree we looped. It was a very nice touch and certainly will be remembered for many years to come, thanks to all the women and to Maree Woodhouse.
  5. Treasurer Resigned: I want to thank Flo Ebert on behalf of the SPCLC board members for her valued contribution to this church when she faithfully served as our treasurer for many years. She has been a great asset to the church in her faithful commitment to this difficult position. Around May this year Flo submitted her letter of resignation from her position due to personal reasons. Ben Kofe appointed to the role of temporary treasurer until a replacement is appointed during the AGM.
  6. Garage Sale: Our very first ever garage sale was an exciting event that presents our church with an opportunity to engaged with the community. There was a BBQ sizzle organised by our youth, and our Praise & Worship team teamed up with the Akafa family to provide soothing worship music to lift the spirits of everyone on the day.  It was a great team effort and the leading of the Holy Spirit made it a successful event. We have learnt a few lessons in terms of planning and will surely be aiming for a bigger and better one next year.
  7. Fresh Paint to the Church: This event was an absolute miracle as I have mentioned or testified about it many times in the course of this year. We are blessed to have Lora who is a painter by trade (who knew me from MCF church) offered to paint our church out of a random meeting in town. Lora later testified that as she was walking towards me, the Holy Spirit prompted her heart to ask me if I need my church building painted. So, the admin team provided the paint and in a matter of weeks with the help of Ben and his boys, our church received a fresh coat of paint both internal and external.

I am humbled by the notion that the Almighty God of heaven is orchestrating these things behind the scene, so we give Him all the glory and honour for He deserves it

  1. Tree Looping: Another memorable weekend at SPCLC this year was the day we looped the tree to make room for our building extension. It was another team effort that saw this work carried out swiftly. The Spirit of God was the foreman instructing every soul what to do. Adam & Mandy donated the crane truck for the day, Colin brought his chainsaw as well as the church neighbour, Tim who came across to give us a hand as well. Adam was on the operator’s seat of the crane while Colin and Ben were on the crane basket with their chainsaw slashing branch after branch. There were many helpers on the ground and I cannot thank everyone enough who turned up that day to lend a hand. The work was swift and without incidence, which inspired Judy Mundine to write a poem about it (The Day we Looped the Tree)
  2. Water Baptism: The baptism event that was held on the 10th of September was certainly the highlight of 2017. Seven souls accepted Jesus and made a decision to offer their lives for the work of Christ and were baptised in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, by Ps Savenaca Buresova and myself on McCreadys creek. Many of our family members were witness along the shore, May God bless and use these wonderful souls; Mandy Doull, Atiake Kofe, Aneliueta Kofe, Kelese Kofe, Lydia Kofe, Grace Kofe and Shaun Wyman.
  3. Mission to Tully: My heart is in the mission work, and the mission to Tully was my personal favourite event this year. The weekend following the water baptism we sent a team up to Tully in North Queensland to be part of a mission outreach that we partly organised with a local Christian couple in Mission Beach. Peter & Angie Morgan are involved in bringing farm workers from the Pacific Islands to work in the Tully area and they identified that there is a great need to maintain the spiritual life of these young men and women. We are partnering to establish a church for the Mission Beach area and we pray that this can happen in the new year. The team consisted of myself, Ps Savenaca, Mr Colin Woodhouse, Ben & Lagi and their five children.
  4. Ps Savenaca Buresova: We were all blessed by the timing of Ps Savenaca’s arrival at our church. After some complications with his posting to the Torres Straits, he contacted me and I told him to come and help the ministry while he awaits the ACC decision. He joined our church family just in time to relieve Makareta and myself, as we had already planned to take some time off to visit our families back in Fiji. The wisdom and knowledge that he imparted to us during his time with us was so refreshing to say the least and so beneficial to our spiritual growth. During his few months here, Ps Savenaca focused on teaching the 16 Fundamentals of the Assemblies of God as part of a bible study session before the main service on Sundays and on Wednesdays evenings as well. So, on behalf of the Life-Giving Church family I wish Ps Savenaca all Gods blessings and may his life continue to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. Mrs Nolia Ramsamy Turns 100yrs old: In October this year while Makareta and I were in Fiji one of our faithful family member celebrated her 100th It is an honour and a privilege to have Mrs Ramsamy who is undoubtedly an iconic figure of Mackay to worship with us in our church. Makareta and I deeply regrets missing out on the celebrations but I was told that it was a great day full of celebrations and feasting. I am glad that the Kofe family contributed with their dance items on behalf of our church family. Thank you Nolia for your faithfulness and enduring heart towards your God, you are a living testimony to us all, and we have learned so much from you because your actions speak volumes.

 Looking Ahead – 2018

I am excited about 2018, our Sunday school should be up and running, and we want to introduce a youth service once a month on Sunday evenings. On the mission front; this church can really impact the Mackay region by going out to the community and hold outreach services in the Northern suburbs, Sarina, Marian, Mirani and Walkerston. I am also really looking forward to our mission to Fiji in July, God’s heart is in the mission field and we must align ourselves with God’s will and we will receive His power and wisdom, He will open doors and watch over us as we do His will.

We will continue to seek God’s will so that we get clear instructions on our way forward. As pastors I believe it is important that we have a network with all pastors in our region in order to be more effective in our sharing of the gospel to the communities around Mackay.

In terms of our church property, we envisage a new office and a prayer room on the upper level on each ends of our building with external staircase to access them. If we want to be successful, we must submit all our plans to God for the final authority. (Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.)NIV


The year has come and gone so quickly and as I look back to this year, I just stand amaze because I can see the hand of God in every little detail of our church growth. His timing was perfect, never late never early. The people He brought to our paths were the right people for the right purpose. God was in every detail of our administration as we transitioned from the old administration under Pastor James McClurg, and I believe it was because we, as a church we were prepared to sacrifice something for God. I believe God is a faithful God, and the words he spoke never goes back to Him void. I believe God honours our congregational fasting and praying week at the beginning of every month. We may not see it fully during our struggles throughout the year, but as we come to the end of the year we pause and reminisce, then we can see how far we have come. Therefore, we are so blessed to serve a faithful God, an awesome God, the Alpha and the Omega, and as we enter into the festive season let us pause and thank God for walking beside us in every step of the way. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon all of you this Christmas Season, and a happy new year.

Pastor Manasa Delanimati