We believe that we do not need to preach any more than we have been doing since the last 10 years. Following our vision, we have to go out and help churches meet their needs. We must show them that when God touches them things do change physically, spiritually and mentally. Life Giving Church is not just about preaching the Gospel but about helping those in need as well. We know, through experience, that people see your actions as a manifestation or not of the Gospel you preach.

Mercy Mission to Fiji Children’s Home

Seru (Ps Margaret’s brother) and his family started a Saturday activity last week, 24/02/2018, where they visit the Dilkusha Children’s Home outside Suva and help cleanup the rooms and assist with the young ones. At the end of their first day, the Matron said of their visit, “Your coming here is very timely and very divine.” If we are honest with what we do and we are doing it to glorify God, people will feel the presence of God wherever we go. We have some pics for you.

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Tully Mission

A group led by Pastor Manasa left for Tully in September 2017 to meet the church members and fellowship with them. It was also on this trip that we confirmed that we will plant a church in Tully to minister to those who need spiritual guidance.

Fiji Mission

Fiji has been on the mission agenda since day one. We believe that we have great opportunities in assisting the expansion of God’s work in the Fiji Islands. The idea is to start our mission drive in Pastor Manasa’s village and surrounding areas before reaching out to the rest of the country. It is our belief that everything starts at home because the integrity of our work is measured by how effective we are within our own families.

Bua Village church worshiping in a shed
Navunievu church in Bua, Fiji. They need rest rooms, proper building, power generator and musical instruments

If you want to donate and help us help these churches, please go to our donation page.

God Bless you.