You have the opportunity to help and become a donor if you are touched by God to assist us with the extension of the work that we do in the Kingdom of God. We need all the help we can get because the harvest is huge. It is huge!

If you cannot GO then GIVE and if you cannot GIVE then PRAY for those who go to the mission field and pray for those who give.

Upon the conviction of the Holy Spirit you can donate to God’s work, our bank details are as follows;
National Australia bank

BSB: 084-789
ACC: 332081679

If you want clarifications and verifications before
donating please contact us.


Adam & Amanda of Statewide Pty

  • provided the crane used for cutting down trees around the church. The church saved $2,000.00 because of Adam’s and Amander’s generosity.
  • donated six computers for the church and mission field.