About Us

Life Giving Church is widely known as the Slade Point Christian Life Centre and it started as a registered entity in 1999. In 2016, through God’s will the church leadership was handed over to Senior Pastor Manasa and changes unfolded to suit the vision; a people full of life.

We are part of the Assemblies of God denomination registered under the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) association. However, management and leadership is the responsibility of the Life Giving Church committee.

The atmosphere at Life Giving Church is family oriented and it is a blessing to have families from different cultures converge at our church to worship God and fellowship with us. Their presence each Sunday is an honour because we have no power to persuade them to join us. Yet, we are forever thankful to Jesus Christ for touching the lives of people we reach out to. Our most precious possession is not the church building or the church land or the equipment we have but the beautiful families who join us every Sunday.

May God Bless us all!