What is Faith

Every believer has faith but in Matthew 21:21,22 Jesus tells us that even when we have faith, we should not doubt, because doubt will hinder our faith being effective in our life.  Faith is laying hold of the unrealities of hope and bringing them into the realm of reality (by acting on the Word).

If we will act on God’s Word, then God’s Word is sovereign, and will reign over any situation.  Yet even though God’s Will/Word is sovereign, He will not violate or override our will/word in any situation.  We have to act on the Word of God, agree and speak out His Word.

Faith is always present tense – NOW – and is always positive.  For example, an evangelist asked those in the healing line if they would be healed when he prayed for them and laid his hands on them, most replied “I hope so!”, yet he continued and did not correct them.  Hope is future tense, faith is NOW therefore faith and hope are different.

Every born again believer has enough faith to begin to receive all that God has promised in His Word.  It’s not a lack of faith that is the problem, it’s what we do with the faith we have that countsJames 1:22-24.  When we hear the Word, we need to use our faith and act on the Word we have heard.  We have enough faith to cause that Word to produce in our lives.  If we don’t use our faith, it won’t work.

When we choose to walk by faith or act on the Word, the devil is the only one to come against us and discourage us, causing us to doubt God’s Word.  God will never discourage us from acting on His Word.  Jesus said there would be mountains in our lives – problems or situations that seem impassable or impossible.  Yet Jesus also gave us the answer to these problems – speak to them!  We can speak to our mountains and tell them to be removed and if we will continue, they shall be removed!  We use this principle daily on our car, or washing machine if they don’t work correctly; yet when it comes to God’s Word we think it strange.  We speak to things everyday but it’s usually negative words. eg. To the car – “You always breakdown just when we’re ready to go on holiday”.  Jesus said speak to the mountain, so choose to speak God’s Word in every situation.

Every promise in God’s Word is received in exactly the same way; the same principle applies to salvation, healing, baptism with the Holy Spirit etc.  It is no harder to receive one than the other.  Romans 10:9,10 says we are to:-

  • Believe in our heart,
  • Confess with our mouth.

We need to remember, the devil has no power to stop this principle of faith from working for us.  He only sends fear, doubt, discouragement etc. to stop us doing what the Word says.

Luke 6:46-49.  Even as believers, we may call Jesus Lord, yet not do what He tells us to do.  When we hear the Word we need to do what the Word says.  In this story, both the men heard the Word, yet only one did the Word and received the benefit.  If our doctor or accountant tells us we need to do something, we would do it immediately, but how much more should we do things when God speaks to us and tells us to do something.

One man received from God and the other didn’t.  The one who received did the Word, the other man didn’t do the Word.  Follow the example of those who succeed!  Jesus never fails.


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