Power of Faith


Faith is a spiritual force or power.  The force of faith comes out of our recreated spirit.  In the spiritual realm, as a born again believer, we have a new Father and a new beginning.  We now belong to the household of faith and need to learn how to live and walk by faith.

Psychiatrists today operate by two different schools of thought and treatment:

  1. Go back into the past and dig up all our past problems and then resolve them.
  2. Look to the future and make that great.

The church today has tended to look back into the past and find problems, failures and bad experiences.  We can all find these negative experiences and use them as an excuse not to walk by faith and live in victory.  Yet we need to understand that God does not hold our past life against us.  He doesn’t remember it and He is not the one who is reminding us of it.

He has given us His Word so that we can look into it and see who we are in Christ.  God wants us to rise up and be who He ordained us to be.  We need to be more conscious of Jesus being formed in us than we are of the devil.

Faith becomes the evidence of the things we believe of God.  These are the things we can’t see with our natural eyes, but we choose to believe they are real because God has said so in His Word.  Remember, this faith is not a product of our reasoning ability.  Our natural senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) all depend on sensing or seeing things in the natural realm, but faith sees things in the spiritual realm first, before they appear in the natural realm.  This is how God formed and created the world in Genesis 1.(Hebrews 11:3)

Mark 11:27-33.  We cannot reason the things of God, they are spiritually discerned, they come out of our spirit.  When we walk by faith people will challenge our believing and try to get us to reason things out.  Trying to reason the things of God will hinder our walking by faith.

Denominational churches blame God for everything, whether good or bad.  That way they have no responsibility for what happens – it’s all up to God to do something.  Charismatic churches tend to blame the devil for all their problems and once again, they have no responsibility.  Yet the Word of God clearly reveals that God has called us to live in victory, in health, in abundance and free from the devils control.  We do have a responsibility on this earth.  We can only live, as God wants us to live by walking by faith.

Some Christians say “God is sovereign, God can do whatever He wants, when He wants”.  Well, God is sovereign but He can’t just do everything He wants on the earth at present, because Satan is the god of this world.  God establishes His will on the earth through the Church, the believers, as we do His Word.

We have a ‘will’ and our will is sovereign in our lives.  God will not force us to do His Word – it is our decision and commitment that counts.  God will not override a persons will.  Salvation is available to all, healing is available to all – it’s our decision.  God’s Will is His Word, but God can’t make people get saved or get healed.

When we do what God’s Word says, we will be in God’s sovereign will.  Isaiah 1:18-20 is the only reasoning we can do with God – according to His Word.  Talk to God based on His Word and not on the problem, agree with God that His Word is true.  This is how we release the force of faith.  Faith is so simple – it’s agreeing with God, based on His Word.  Isaiah 53:1 asks the question, “Who will believe the report of the Lord?”  As believers we should believe the report of the Lord.

Proverbs 3:5.  We should not lean or rely on our own understanding because faith comes from our spirit.  In Deuteronomy 30:19 Moses challenges God’s people, “You choose who you will follow”.

John 2:5 is the key to walking by faith – whatever God tells us to do – do it!  When we do God’s Word we are doing God’s Will, and we will receive what the Word says we will receive.  It’s not based on us deserving the blessings of God – we don’t.  It’s based on what Jesus did on our behalf.  In this story of Jesus’ first miracle, if the servants had stopped to reason what Jesus was doing or saying, they would never have done what they were told to do.

How to develop the God-kind of faith.

  • Put the Word first place. Make it final authority in your life. Proverbs 4:20 – give the Word of God your attention.  (Whatever you give your attention to, you will follow after.)
  • Meditate the Word of God day and night. Joshua 1:8 – think about it, talk about it, and repeatedly say it.
  • Act on the Word of God. James 1:22 –  you will be blessed.
  • Pray in the Spirit and build yourself up according to Jude 20.

All this is progressive – it takes time and practise, but begin to do these four steps today and continue practising them.

[source: AFCM, Australia; Ps Jim Newton]