We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and we hope that you will find peace in our messages. In saying that I must confess that I do not doubt the power of God’s word and its ability to change a person’s life in its entirety. A simple “Jesus loves you and died for you” message is powerful enough on its own if delivered with an unshaken belief that God himself decides on the impact of His own message. We only have to deliver the message with the integrity befitting a messenger of God.

The name of the church, Life Giving Church, is a revelation within Ezekiel 37 verse 6. We have made it our business to deliver messages that will bring life to those who seek the truth and to those who are struggling in their daily lives. The revelation is this, if God can breathe life into those dusty bones and they come back to life and know God, how easy would it be for a living person to have life in its fullest. Ezekiel 37 is a powerful chapter because it demonstrates that life can be commanded by God’s messengers if God wills it.

Its a powerful revelation because now we and you know that if you are living within God’s purpose you can do anything. With that knowledge, we at Life Giving Church, Slade Point, have decided that we do not want to do just anything. We just want to do one thing and that is to speak life into those who fellowship with us. That is our vision, a people full of life!

May God the father of Jesus Christ bless you and your family,

Mr Manasa Masi Delanimati
Senior Pastor/Church Leader